About Us:

Since our establishment in Istanbul in 1978, we have been committed to delivering top-quality service in various sectors, including hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and more. Over the years, we have expanded our portfolio to meet the needs of our customers and have continuously strived to ensure their satisfaction. With our extensive experience, knowledge, and dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest technology, we provide accurate and reliable choices without compromising quality.

Our Vision:

At our core, we aim to prioritize the satisfaction of our valued customers. We believe in consistently delivering products of the same high quality, leaving no room for compromise. By maintaining this commitment, we seek to exceed customer expectations and build lasting relationships based on trust and excellence.

Our Mission:

Uyar Sabun, established in 1978, has been producing and improving its soap products under its brand name for nearly half a century. We continually enhance our product quality and expand our range to cater to the diverse needs of various institutions, such as hotels, hospitals, spa centers, beauty and gymnasiums, teachers' homes, nursing homes, and similar establishments.

We take pride in offering hotel amenities and industrial cleaning products at competitive prices without compromising quality. Our efficient delivery system ensures that all amenities reach our customers on time. With years of experience, we customize designs and packaging according to the desired concept, maintaining the same level of quality. Our dedicated Production Team, Sales Team, Web Design, and Graphic Design support units work together to deliver visual quality and innovative solutions.

To further enrich our product range, we focus on sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Our R&D department and entire team are committed to nurturing and implementing innovative ideas based on integrated marketing strategies. We aim to expand the hotel amenities product line, maintain consistent top quality, and grow our customer portfolio.