As Uyar Hotel Equipments, which was established in Istanbul in 1978, we have brought our understanding of quality service in hotels, hospitals, restaurants and all needed sectors until today by expanding our portfolio with the understanding of happy customers. In line with your request, the most accurate choices are presented to you with years of experience, knowledge and our latest technology follow-up, and you can get service without sacrificing quality.

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Disabled Equipment

Disabled Equipment

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Air Sulk. Orthopedic Antibacterial D.O.

Air Sulk. Orthopedic Antibacterial D.O...

Articulated Grab Bar (Paper Holder)

Articulated Grab Bar (Paper Holder)..

Disabled Corner Grab Bar

Disabled Corner Grab Bar..

Floor Wall L Grab Bar Swivel Leg

Floor Wall L Grab Bar Swivel Leg..

Handicapped Grab Bar 30 cm

Handicapped Grab Bar 30 cm..

Handicapped Grab Bar 40 cm

Handicapped Grab Bar 40 cm..

Handicapped Grab Bar 50 cm

Handicapped Grab Bar 50 cm..

Handicapped Grab Bar 60 cm

Handicapped Grab Bar 60 cm..

Luxury Angled Grab Bar

Luxury Angled Grab Bar..

Luxury Horizontal L Grab Bar (Right and Left)

Luxury Horizontal L Grab Bar (Right and Left)..

Luxury Plastic Shower Seat

Luxury Plastic Shower Seat..

Wooden Shower Seat

Wooden Shower Seat..

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