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RFID 13.56 Mhz. contactless card lock system. Produced from premium brass, depends on the handle model ...

Product Description

  • RFID 13.56 Mhz. contactless card lock system. 
  • Produced from premium brass, depends on the handle model chosen, component that does not contain zinc alloys.  
  • Different handle models that can be chosen from Brassco catalogue can be applied
  • Handle working system that provides long lock life span and normally stands separate from the lock. 
  • Secured 5 latched lock system that involves ansi type, can be locked mechanically from inside, can be opened and closed with mechanical key from outside, and prevents opening from outside involuntarily, with anti-panic function.
  • When locked from inside, it gives “do not disturb” message with red light to outside.
  • Suitable for doors that are 35-60 mm thickness.
  • Can operate in 0-65°C, 10-90%Rh (non-condescending humidity) environment conditions.
  • Battery life that provides 2 years or 50.000 openings.
  • Static current is 25 uA, operating current is 130 mA max.
  • Low battery warning (can make 200 openings after the warning)
  • Has 800 opening memory. (card type, card no, date, time etc.) Transfers those information to information retrieval devices as IR.
  • Compatible with all Brassco Card Lock Software versions. 
  • Can be used without software for office doors.
  • 200 user capacity reader option for using without software in offices (optional)

    COMPATIBLE LOCK TYPES: Works combined with MK1 - MK2 - MK3 series locks
    MEASUREMENTS: W:65 L:260 H:22+
    NOTE: The x value in the measurements changes according to the handle type.
    SUITABLE FOR: Home, Office, Hotel, Student house, Guest house, Residence door

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